How do I quickly add users in-app?

Sometimes you may need to add several users to an Orion group who are not members of your organization and might not have the Orion app. Orion makes it easy to rapidly onboard users onto the app and into a specific group.

Follow these steps to add new users to a group:

1. Choose the group you want users to and enter that group. 

2. Above the list of users is an 'Invite' button. Tap on that button. 

3. You'll be presented with the 'Send Invite' page. On this page are several options for how to invite people to your Orion group. Under the 'Orion Contacts' tab, you will have the option to 'Share with Link' you can send the link via your favorite communication method (SMS, Email, Messenger, etc.) You'll also be presented with a list of your current contacts who have already downloaded Orion. 

The 'Address book' tab gives you the option to text the share link directly to your contacts within the Orion app. Simply tap on the person you want to share with and you can send out the link right there. 

What do the users do when they receive the link?

If they already have the Orion app, they just need to tap on the link and they will be taken to your group. If they do not have the app, they will be prompted to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading the app, they will be prompted to enter a name, and then will be taken to your group. 

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