Prepare for Radio Bridge Install

Steps to prepare for the Radio Bridge installation:

Find a Location

  • Find a permanent home where the bridge will be protected and not easily accessed:
    • Somewhere where it will not be accidentally moved or unplugged
    • A location where there is good radio reception:
      • A conference area or closet without other electronics to interfere
      • Our goal is to reduce the possibility of radio frequency interference 
      • For example a network closet  would cause RF noise which in turn can cause poor radio transmission quality on the Orion Radio Bridge Group

Equipment Prep & Accessories

  • Donor Radios
    • Please have Donor Radios programmed to the Channel + Frequency needed prior to our installation time.
  • Battery backup incase of a power outage (Example: APC Back_UPS)
  • Cable interference protectors to reduce RF noise traveling into radios from power source (Recommendation:RF Choke)
  • Charging Cradle and/or Charging Cable for Donor Radios (need to maintain consistent charge to the radios)


  • Unrestricted wired internet connection for the Radio Bridge
  • If needed, we can provide the MAC Address to whitelist

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