Troubleshooting and FAQ

  1. It is best to keep the radio bridge in a cool and vented area to prevent the devices from overheating.
  2. It is important to ensure the radio bridge hardware, donor radios, and power cables are installed in a protected permanent location where they will not be moved.
  3. Connected radios will be dedicated to bridge use: meaning they should not be removed or adjusted once installed.
  4. Connected radios must have good radio signal in the area they ‘live in’ - this ensures clear transmissions to Orion and from Orion to radio channel.
  5. If there is no audio transmitting to Orion make sure the audio level is turned on, on the donor radio, and also ensure power and radios are connected firmly on both ends.
  6. Orion will update firmware periodically and will provide notice of when there would be a maintenance window.
  7. Wired Network Access is required, but the Radio Bridge has a failover sim card backup just in case of emergencies.

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