Admin Guide - OCC User Settings


Once a new user has been created, add them to a group immediately so they can begin speaking to their team members.  Add the user to the group individually by going to the user setting window:

Click on one of the users and a window will appear on the right side.

You can update a user profile and groups in this window:

  1. Update Display Name                      2.  Change User Role*                        3.  Add the user to a group

User roles:

  • BASIC USER (default) accesses Orion via mobile app only 
  • MANAGER accesses Orion Dispatch Console on Chrome web browser or uses the mobile app 
  • ADMIN has full access to Command Center, Dispatch and App  (Requires an email based login)


In the user window, there is also a ‘SETTINGS’ function tab, which you can do a few updates:

1.  Switch the User’s location visibility  

  • Set to ON - (and device app permissions allowed), then the user’s location will show whenever they are online in a talk group.
  • Set to OFF - the user location will not show in the app

2.  Update Onyx device settings

  • Talk button - changes the behavior of the talk button, ‘Push and Hold’ is the default 
  • Lights - switch on/off the lights that come on when pairing the BTLE device or when messages are incoming
  • Vibration - switch this ON if you want their silenced Onyx to vibrate when messages are coming in.

3.  Delete User and Reset Password

At the very bottom of the User window:

  • Delete User - remove the user, please use with caution.  When a user is deleted you cannot use their email or login again.
  • Reset Password - this has slightly different behavior for Email and Username logins:
    • Email Reset Password will send an email to the user prompting them to create a new password.  If they don’t receive an email, make sure to have them check the junk or spam folder
    • Username Reset Password will open a window and you can create a new password for the user.

*NOTE* - Passwords cannot be used more than once, so a new one will need to be used after a reset

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