Admin Guide - OCC Groups Tab


On the top left, click on the GROUPS tab 

There is a list of talk groups displayed with the name and date created.


Talk Groups can be created simply: 

  • Click the green ‘Create Group’ button on the top right corner.
  • A new window will open
  • Add the name of the group
  • Choose an image or avatar for the group by clicking the ‘choose file’
  • Then hit ‘Create Group’
  • Go to the next screen to add users

*TIP*: creating too many talk groups can create a confusing end-user experience since users can only speak and hear messages in one group at a time.


To access the user list and setting for a group, click on the group name, and a settings window will appear to the right:

Update group users and settings in this window:     

1.  Update Group Name                       2.  Add Users to Group                  3.  Change Group Leader Status*

  • *NOTE* Group Leader Status means that for each group, you can switch certain users to be a ‘Leader’
  • This can sometimes be confused with an organization admin, which means the person can access the command center as well as the app.

Group leader, in this case, is set for each group and allows certain functionality: let’s go over those settings next:

Click on the ‘Settings’ tab inside the group window for additional options:

Single Speaker Mode

  • ON - only one user can speak at a time, so they have to wait until other users finish before speaking
  • OFF - if Alex starts speaking and then Marta starts speaking halfway through Alex’s message, then the whole group will hear ALL of Alex’s message, followed by ALL of Marta’s message

Basic Members can talk to:

  • Everyone (default) - All users can send and receive messages to each other
  • Leaders Only - If Group Leaders speak, all users hear / but if Basic members speak, only the Leaders hear
  • Listen Only - If Group Leaders speak, all users hear / Basic members cannot send messages, they only receive


  • Only Org members join - If ON, then new users can only be added to a group through the Orion Command Center
  • Group Share Link - If ON, then members of a group can share access to the group via a link with anyone
  • Invite by Contact - You can update whether Leaders only or Everyone can invite new users to the group

Delete Group:  permanent removal of a group

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