AppTalk for Android Guide

How to access AppTalk

  1. Check that your Orion for Android app is updated to the latest version: 5.3.3 (or newer)
  2. If you’ve been using Onyx, make sure it’s turned off.
  3. Open the Orion app on your Android device and log in.
  4. Select a group to join.
  5. Press and hold the on-screen talk button to transmit to your group. 

How to use the Talk Button in AppTalk

  • Push the button with the microphone icon (within the group screen), wait for the tone, then begin speaking.
  • The talk button will turn blue to let you know you’re now talking to your group.
  • Please ensure to hold the talk button the entire time you’re speaking, then wait a moment after speaking before releasing it.

Receiving Messages

  • Any messages that come in from your group will be played through your phone’s speaker or connected headphones, even when your phone screen is off.
  • To stop hearing messages from your group, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select ‘Exit Group’.

Using Headphones & Bluetooth Headsets

  • If you have headphones or a Bluetooth headset connected to your phone, then messages from your group will be played through your headphones instead of the phone’s speaker.
  • If your headphones or Bluetooth accessory has a microphone, you can speak into that microphone while holding down the talk button.
  • Using the button on the headset as a talk button is not yet supported.
  • Not all headset mics may be supported at this time.


  • Make sure the volume is turned up on your phone.
  • Use the Echo Chamber group to familiarize yourself.


  • If you are experiencing issues, please try closing the app. If the issue persists, please try rebooting your phone and launch the Orion app.
  • Contact our support team by submitting in-app feedback or emailing:

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