AppTalk Guide

How to Access a Group

  1. Open the Orion app on your compatible Android device.
  2. Tap "Exit" on the upper right to access the group menu
  3. Tap the group that you want to join.

Note: If you’re designated as a group leader by your admin, you’ll also be able to tap the “Settings” Tab

How to use the On-Screen Group PTT button

  • Push the round white button with the blue microphone icon, wait for the tone, then begin speaking.
  • The talk button will turn blue to let you know you’re now talking to your group.
  • Please ensure to hold the talk button the entire time you’re speaking, then wait a moment after speaking before releasing it.

How to send a Direct Message

  • Go to the Members Tab on the bottom (People Icon)
  • Find the person you want to speak to in the list
  • Press and Hold on their name to send a message only to them

Receiving Messages

  • Any messages that come in from your group will be played through your phone’s speaker or connected headphones, even when your phone screen is off.
  • To stop hearing messages from your group, simply tap the ‘Exit’ button above the map. This will take you back to the home screen, where you can rejoin the group later, by tapping “Enter Group”, or select a different group.

Using Headphones & Bluetooth Headsets

  • If you have headphones or a Bluetooth headset connected to your phone, messages from your group will be played through your headphones instead of the phone’s speaker.
  • Only select headset mics are supported


  • Make sure the volume is turned up on your phone.
  • Use the Echo Chamber group to familiarize yourself. This group will transmit your message and play it back for you.


  • If you are experiencing issues, please try closing the app. If the issue persists, please try rebooting your phone and launch the Orion app.
  • Contact our support team by submitting in-app feedback, emailing us at

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