I can't connect to the Orion app. What's happening?

If you don’t have a network connection or the connection you have is experiencing degradation due to poor signal, the Orion app might have trouble connecting. It may also display an error message that you failed to connect to our servers as “observatory.orionlabs.io”. Check to make sure your mobile device has an active network connection, then try logging in again.

Quick tip: Restarting your mobile device often remedies the symptoms, and gets you back up and running normally.

Note: With the previous Android Version of the Orion app (7.4.1) there is a bug with Android OS 12 where the bluetooth is causing the Orion app to crash. The new version of the Orion app (7.5.0) that was released on 12/20/21 has address this issue. To prevent the Orion app from crashing please download the latest version of the Orion app.

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