There's a delay when sending and receiving messages. I thought it was real-time?

When your mobile device has a reliable network connection (whether via Wi-Fi or cellular), you should not experience any delays in sending and receiving messages; this is because the audio begins streaming to the group as soon as you begin transmitting. A delay of several seconds could indicate a host of factors related to your mobile device, such as older, legacy phones that don’t have the memory capacity capable of comfortably running many apps without performance degradation; see our list of supported devices for more. It’s likely that your network connection is experiencing degradation. Check your internet connection, and identify which is strongest; for example, if your Wi-Fi is better than cellular at your office, be sure to stay connected to wi-fi whenever using the Orion app to ensure a more consistently stable experience.

Quick tip: Restarting your mobile device often remedies the symptoms, and gets you back up and running normally.

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