Configuring Push-To-Talk-on DuraForce PRO Models

Setting up AppTalk Plus

For all phone models that support AppTalk Plus, you will need to accept allow two permissions requested by the app:

  • Record Audio
    • This gives the app permission to use the microphone, so you can send voice messages.
  • Do Not Optimize Battery Usage
    • This ensures you can receive voice messages while the app is in the background.

Disable carrier ePTT application 

(This applies to Sprint and AT&T Kyocera DuraForce PRO Devices)

If your carrier has a built in ePTT solution we recommend disabling the carrier ePTT application to prevent it from taking over the PTT button function:

  1. Open application menu
  2. Scroll to find the ePTT application
  3. Long press on ePTT application
  4. Select Disable


  1. Open Setting app → Applications
  2. Select ePTT application
  3. Select disable

Programming the PTT button

Sonim phones will auto program the PTT button on install of the Orion app.

Kyocera phones require that you:

  1. Make Orion app an Administrator to program the PTT button.
  2. Set the PTT button in the phone settings.

Settings → Programmable key setting → Set it to PTT operations

Location Permissions

To be visible on the map, tap Enable on the Location Permission bar at the bottom of the screen the first time you enter a group. From there, tap Allow on the system dialogue to grant location permissions.

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