Wired PTT Headsets with the Orion App

Minimum Android app version required: 6.35+

Orion supports a range of accessories, including wired PTT headsets for Android devices. 

Wired PTT headsets have a dedicated button that can be used to send messages to Orion. This allows you to send messages without having to pull out your phone and launch Orion. 

How to set up your Android phone with a wired PTT headset: 

  1. Connect the wired headset to your device
  2. Launch the Orion app and make sure you are logged in
  3. Join a talk group or the Echo Chamber
  4. Press and hold the main button on the headset and speak your message

Orion has tested and validated PTT wired headsets from major vendors, including Klein, Milicom, Pryme PICO. 

The experience for each headset may differ from one to another. We recommend testing with Orion before ordering in bulk. The following headsets have been tested and verified to work:

Klein for 3.5mm

Milicom for 3.5mm

Pryme PICO for USB-C

If you are interested in using other 3rd party accessories with Orion, please contact our sales team at support@orionlabs.io

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