What headsets or earpieces can I use with AppTalk Plus?

We have tested and can confirm that the following headsets will work on Hardware PTT Devices:

Accessories made for Kyocera or Sonim with proprietary connections should work. Please contact us if you have questions.

Using Headphones & Bluetooth Headsets

  • If you have headphones or a Bluetooth headset connected to your phone, then messages from your group will be played through your headphones instead of the phone’s speaker.
  • Using the talk button on wired Kyocera and Sonim supported PTT headphones will work to transmit messages.
  • If your wired headphones have a microphone, you can speak into that microphone while holding down the talk button on the side of your phone. Using the button on standard headsets as the talk button is not yet supported.
  • Bluetooth earpieces are not currently supported.

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