How does Onyx work?

To use Onyx, you will need the free Orion mobile app and an Orion account.

Onyx pairs with iPhones and leading Android smartphones to deliver push-to-talk voice messages over cellular and wireless networks in real time.

Onyx uses Bluetooth LE to connect to leading iOS and Android smartphones using the Orion app. Orion sends your messages using your phone’s mobile data connection to send voice messages over Wi-Fi and carrier networks so you can speak with other people who have Onyx, anywhere.

The app is where you create and manage your Orion contacts and talk groups. Once Onyx is paired to your phone and you have signed into your Orion account, select the group you wish to talk to and simply push Onyx to talk to your group members. Similar to a traditional walkie-talkie, you press and hold Onyx while talking. Your message plays out of your group members' Onyx speakers or headphones if they're plugged into Onyx.

To begin,  pick out an Onyx, get the free Orion app (available for iOS and Android), and sign up for an Orion account in the app.

Once Onyx is paired to your phone, and you have signed into your Orion account and are in a group, press and hold Onyx while speaking. Your message is sent to other group members’ Onyx — your voice comes out of their Onyx.

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