How do I disable the battery optimization feature on my Samsung Galaxy device?

Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 7 or higher have a battery optimization feature that can affect the performance of the Orion app and your Onyx. 

This function regulates energy consumption whenever you are not actively using a particular app, in order to preserve your Galaxy's battery life; while the Orion app and Onyx (which runs on Bluetooth Low Energy) are designed to consume a minimal amount of energy, your Galaxy's battery optimization feature can still silence the Orion app if it's in the background, resulting in your Onyx disconnecting and no longer receiving incoming messages.

To ensure that battery optimization is disabled for the Orion app:

  1. Tap the "Settings" icon
  2. Tap the "Apps" icon
  3. Tap the three black vertical dots in the upper right
  4. Tap "Special access"
  5. Tap "Optimize battery usage"
  6. Scroll down to ensure that the Orion app is toggled off (to the left)

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