Direct Message Preview for AppTalk on iOS

How do I send a direct message?

Orion Pro users on iOS using AppTalk are able to send a direct message to any online user in their current group. To do this, the user can press and hold on the user’s name in the group list, transmit their message, and then release.

Who is able to send direct messages?

Any Orion Pro user with AppTalk on iOS, running app version 5.2.8 and above.

Who can I send direct messages to?

Any online user in your group.

Who can receive direct messages?

Any Orion user who is online in your group.

How will users know they are receiving a direct message?

Orion Pro users, running AppTalk on iOS, will hear a different sound before they hear the message.

Users on iOS who are not using an Orion Pro account, and users on Android or Onyx, will not have any special indication that they are receiving a direct message (it will sound like a group message). Once direct messaging is supported on Android and Onyx, those users will be able to tell when they are receiving a direct message.

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