Where can I download the latest version of the Orion Labs push-to-talk app?

Click on the icon below to download the Orion Labs Push-to-Talk mobile app and get started

Once you have downloaded the Orion App:

  • Launch Orion App and enter your login and password information
  • Approve the following required permissions:
    • Microphone Access
    • Location Access (if applicable)
    • Storage & Camera for Multimedia (if applicable)
  • For Android Devices please turn OFF battery optimization for the Orion App

Set Orion App to Auto-Update

  • Setting this only takes a few moments, and ensures your team is on the latest and greatest version of the Orion Mobile App:
    • Go to the Play Store
    • Search Orion mobile app and touch the app listing
    • On the top right corner touch the 3 vertical dots
    • Check the box that says 'Enable Auto-Updates'

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